It's time to reject hate mongering and lies

| 28 Jan 2020 | 01:41

    There is no way I'm not going to respond to Skip Danielson's letter in last week's Township Journal.

    According to Skip, every major media organization in the United States (except for Fox News, which is like Russia's Pravda but aimed at America's Republicans) publishes "fake news." As evidence, he quotes dubious sources which all tie into lies by Trump and his acolytes.

    Then he has the chutzpah to refer to Attorney General William Barr and Fox News as if they are "patriots." Well, Skip, they must be New England Patriots, because they lie and cheat as well as the football team.

    If you want to read the words of a real patriot, I suggest you look at the letter from John Klumpp which appeared directly above yours. He makes cogent, coherent arguments in favor of Trump's removal from office. Not once did you directly address the impeachment articles. Because you cannot deny the accuracy and truthfulness of the impeachment articles. You place party over country.

    On November 3, voters will repudiate hate mongering.