Kenneth Burke was from Byram, not Andover

| 06 Feb 2018 | 11:11

    I particularly valued and enjoyed reading the article on page 8 of The Township Journal for November 23—29, 2017 by Joseph Picard titled, "Kenneth Burke: Sage of Andover." (
    The reason I found it so interesting is that Professor Burke's two sons, Anthony and Michael, were schoolmate friends of mine in the 1940s in Byram Township Consolidated School. I visited them several times at their family farm on Amity Road in Byram Township and, of course, met their parents .
    Picard's article repeatedly refers to the farm as being in Andover, which is incorrect. Amity Road is entirely within Byram Township and is why the professor's sons went to the Byram Township School. I assume the reason for the confusion over the actual location of the Burke farm and home is because Byram Township then and now has no post office, and Amity Road, both then and now, is serviced by the Andover, N.J. post office.
    I believe The Township Journal should provide its readers with a correction as to the true location of the Burke home and farm.
    We in Byram are proud to have had such a distinguished resident as Kenneth Burke.
    Robert L. Dennis
    Byram Township