Kim Guadagno means jobs, jobs, jobs

| 11 Sep 2017 | 02:53

    When Kim Guadagno became the Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State of New Jersey in January of 2010, she was also appointed as the chair of a new agency called the New Jersey Partnership for Action. One of her principal responsibilities became leading this new agency to create an effective infrastructure for economic growth and the creation of jobs in New Jersey.
    As the chair of the Partnership, Kim Guadagno has been the person primarily responsible for implementing New Jersey’s economic growth strategies, which fostered NJ’s private-sector job growth and helped bring New Jersey’s unemployment rate down from an above the national average 9.8% in January 2010 to a below the national average 4.1% by July 2017. “Databases, Tables & Calculators: New Jersey,” US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, <URL destination=", 8/12/2017. ">, 8/12/2017.
    </URL>Kim has stated that since taking office she “has been working to cut government red tape, recruit new businesses and help existing businesses stay and grow in New Jersey.” Due in large part to her hard work, “New Jersey has added 278,000 net new private sector jobs.” In addition, “more than 100,000 new businesses have filed paperwork to set up shop across our state in 2016 alone.” Even though the Garden State’s economy has improved and become more business friendly, Kim stated that, “we can and must do better.” “Growing Jersey Jobs,”,
    To keep Kim Guadagno working hard to promote economic growth, attract many more businesses to start or move to the Garden State, create job opportunities in New Jersey, reduce unemployment, improve education, increase school choice, reduce poverty and crime, reduce property and other taxes in New Jersey, and make the Garden State a wonderful place to live, work and raise children, the voters in the Garden State must elect Kim Guadagno Governor on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
    Richard T. Miner
    Chairman, Sparta Municipal Republican Committee