Letter writer has her facts straight

Sparta /
| 18 Apr 2022 | 01:26

    I just read the best Letter to the Editor that I’ve read in a loooooong time.

    In the April 14, 20, 2022 edition of Sparta Independent Luann Byrne of Stanhope wrote that excellent letter.

    I see two techniques here: 1. She lists facts. She wrote an amazing list of facts. As a former US Air Force Fuel Specialist, I know more about fuel than the average American, but I only knew perhaps a quarter of the things she listed. 2. In the first paragraph, she used my favorite technique. She imitated the form of the Cowardly Lion’s “Courage” speech from The Wizard of Oz. That might be my favorite speech.

    If Rush Limbaugh was still alive, I believe he would quote Luann’s letter in its entirety on his radio show. It’s too bad about half of Americans are deaf to the truth.

    Fred Salmon