MAGA adherents want to return to principles that forged America

Vernon /
| 04 Mar 2024 | 06:54

    As the entrenched propaganda wing of the left, the fake news media have done their job well. In last week’s letter by reader John Klumpp, he parroted much that the media wants us to believe. This means that none of the anti-American points he tried to make were true.

    Guided by the extraordinary wisdom of our founding fathers, America became the most free and prosperous nation on the planet. Thousands died in the effort to give us with an extraordinary republic that gave most of the power to the people instead of to the government ... a singularly unique concept both then and now.

    Over the centuries, millions more have struggled to arrive at our shores and fulfill their dream of being Americans. How many “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” are hoping to become Cuban or Venezuelan or the joyous citizens of any Middle Eastern country?

    Expecting American citizens to learn English is a common-sense endeavor and does not reflect Klumpp’s specious claim that MAGA folks want to send anyone back to where they came from if they can’t speak it.

    Doubters should contact Canada and find out how troublesome and exceedingly expensive it has been for that country to maintain a bi-lingual presence. Accommodating both languages has made the doubled amount of paperwork a nightmare and has sucked millions of dollars out of Canadian taxpayers’ pockets.

    Were I to move to a foreign country, I would learn the language. Why should I expect to be kowtowed to in the matter of daily communication?

    The currently trendy and bogus claim of universal white supremacy reveals the left’s usual lack of anything substantive to rail against. Yes, the shameful stain of slavery is indeed a black mark against America. Which is why we’ve worked hard to get rid of it.

    The slave trade today flourishes in at least nine other countries and unlike the USA, none are taking any steps to stop it.

    Reader Klumpp seems to have difficulty in listening to what those who love America want. He calls the desire to return to the brilliance of our founding documents “mindless and shallow.”

    While Congress has always been filled with inexplicably elected scalawags, I would not hesitate to contrast the major skills and integrity of our founding fathers against the mental acuity and the shriveled ethics of many of those who are ostensibly serving us in D.C. today.

    Klumpp’s claim of an America infested with racism is straight out of the Obama administration’s playbook ... a president who did more to divide us than any predecessor in American history.

    When the dead-on-arrival idea of diversity is cultivated, we can expect the trouble that follows. Diversity’s fatal flaw is that it emphasizes our differences rather than uniting us with our common humanity.

    As a result, claims of superiority by one faction over another arise and proceed to divide us. Diversity has never built anything - it is only the strength born of unity that succeeds.

    MAGA adherents do indeed want to return to the principles that forged America, made us the envy of the world and created the beacon of hope to so many whose own governments had enslaved them.

    This quest is anything but unclear, mindless and shallow. God willing, I believe the November election results will bear that out.

    Sue Speck