NBA Finals 2024

Sparta /
| 06 Jun 2024 | 04:06

    End of the season for basketball fans,

    The National Basketball Association game plans.

    The finals to crown the championship team,

    Dallas or Boston will win supreme.

    Superb physical athletes with awesome skills will compete,

    Their dribbling, passing and shooting quite elite.

    They earn societal and financial rewards and fame,

    In this evolved “wood burns” rugby-type basketball game.

    But basketball in my playing days long gone,

    “Palming the ball” and “traveling” we were whistled on.

    With the “double dribble” and “rough play” all penalties,

    While women had two dribbles, then pass their miseries.

    All these once “fragrant” “fouls” no longer in play,

    So enjoy this new fast-paced game anyway.

    George Kibildis