Never Trump?

Sparta /
| 27 Jul 2023 | 04:47

    Never is never a human reality,

    As forever is a similar anomaly.

    For humans never and forever are sentiments,

    And in our society causing civic ferments.

    MAGA Trumpsters are the forever devotees,

    And the Never Trumpers their party’s refugees.

    Our divisive human nature is for or against,

    From which we need evolve to a peaceful defense.

    The spiritual parable of sowing good seeds,

    Then comes the evil malcontent sower of weeds.

    Never Mussolini or Hitler it was said,

    Not forever but only after much blood was shed.

    Never Trump a dilemma for our citizenry,

    And prayerfully not forever for our democracy.

    George Kibildis