Paper not obligated to print offensive letter

Sparta /
| 13 Jul 2023 | 05:20

    I write in response to this paper’s previously published letter to the editor on June 29.

    One area man decided to vent his personal feelings of intolerance toward his fellow human beings, and for some reason, the paper chose to give him a voice.

    I hope others find that as appalling as I do.

    The specific issue had to do with Pride celebrations and it matters of course, but that is not what I aim to address here.

    Arguing on behalf of those who celebrate, support and think/live in a manner different from the writer would be an essay unto itself. Freedom of speech is a right we all have.

    Does that mean a local publication that serves our community is obligated to print every offensive statement submitted?

    The use of words such as conservative or Christian or pray does not lend validity to hatred and intolerance; it merely cloaks them in a way that might seem acceptable, to some, on the surface.

    I hope that many of you saw through that, as I did, and that my letter will have good company in the following days.

    The only sense I can make of the editor choosing to print the anti-Pride comments is that perhaps the point was to open our eyes a bit wider and spur people like me to object.

    Sue Martin