Protect yourself on the roadways

| 03 Oct 2017 | 01:57

    Our local roadways, particularly along Lake Mohawk where I've lived for decades, are seeing an ever increasing number of pedestrians using them for walking and jogging. This is a good thing but with one exception; far too many folks are walking or jogging with the traffic flow.
    While this is indeed what cyclists must do, for pedestrians it can be especially deadly. Even without the diminished ability to hear approaching vehicles thanks to headset use, pedestrians walking or jogging with the traffic simply cannot see the two tons on wheels coming at them from behind. Is the driver distracted? Did he just drop his phone or his beverage and is looking at his floor mats instead of the road? Is he swerving onto the shoulder while doing this? If he is, the pedestrian simply has no chance to see or hear the danger approaching and move (or dive) to the side for her life. (Yes, I've had to do this myself more than once.)
    Walkers and joggers, give yourself some protection. Be safe. Always face traffic, even in limited sight distance areas. It might be the difference between a good workout or something far worse.
    James Heckel