republican supporting Perez for freeholder

| 24 Oct 2017 | 05:07

    After 30 years of residency in Sussex County and 46 years in business here, I have been asked, for the first time, to endorse a candidate for public office.
    Frankly I am honored, first to be asked and second, that anyone cares about my opinion.
    I agreed to endorse this individual for freeholder for three reasons. He is a good friend, I respect his judgment and believe without reservation his ability to perform the task.
    As most of you are aware, or not, I am a registered supporter of the Republican Party, and have been most of my life. Dan Perez is a Democrat. Most of you also know that. It matters not to me.
    It is time, in my opinion, that we reach across that growing abyss to move our great country ahead again as our forefathers intended. Not only Republican or Democrat, but Americans working together for the common good.
    I have complete faith that Dan will work toward that goal. I will be supporting all of the candidates that meet these standards. Be they of either party.
    With that said, Dan Perez is my choice for Sussex County freeholder. Please get out and vote your conscience. I intend to.
    Frank Warr, Principal
    HQW Architects LLC