Schick produces results under pressure

| 30 May 2024 | 09:18

    I write this letter to the editor today in support of Commissioner Earl Schick in his bid for re-election to the Sussex County Board of Commissioners.

    As a former county commissioner (then-freeholder), I have an intimate understanding of county government, how it operates and the many aspects of the job.

    In just 100 days, Commissioner Schick has demonstrated an ability to not only be diplomatic and effective but also produce results under pressure.

    As a veteran, he understands what it means to be called to duty. His service to our country has clearly instilled a sense of duty into Commissioner Schick, something I see in many members of our veteran communities.

    As a serving member of the New Jersey Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, I have advocated for and worked with many former service members like Earl who continue to serve their country even after their active duty has ceased.

    Commissioner Schick’s strong conservative belief system, unapologetic support of the Second Amendment, defense of the unborn and constant advocacy for religious freedoms are just a few of the many reasons I support his re-election to the Board of County Commissioners.

    Earl helping to steward Sussex County while I continue to take the fight to the Trenton Democrats is a recipe for success, keeping Sussex County the wonderful place it is for many years to come.

    Parker Space


    Editor’s note: Space is the state senator representing District 24.