Tes for veterans services coordinator

| 05 Sep 2017 | 06:14

    My career in the United States Naval Reserves started in 1991. I was called up to active duty after 9/11. I have been a member of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team Six), a senior intelligence analyst for counterterrorism and WMD's, and was detailed to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force as a Defense Intelligence Agency Operations Officer. I have lived in Vernon since 1983 and am a lifetime registered Republican.
    Dan Perez’s proposal for a veterans services coordinator position for Sussex County is just what we need. The only services I have received were from John Harrigan, the president of our local Vietnam Veterans of America chapter. I have received nothing from the county. I am not a county college student so why would I go to the county college for veterans services? Offering veterans student interns so they can get job training with our benefits on the line is a slap in the face. We deserve a qualified professional like every other county has.
    Herb Yardley’s “patronage” response is political rhetoric. Written statements by paid handlers mean nothing. If he wants to talk about wasting money, let’s have some debates and talk about the solar project. Come to the next Vietnam Veterans of America meeting yourself and explain why we can have a “web portal” and unpaid interns but we don’t deserve our own veterans coordinator. Whose side are you on, Mr. Yardley?
    Dan Perez did his homework, made a plan, figured out how to pay for it without raising taxes, and presented it himself. That’s leadership. He is one of the most honest people I know. He has the integrity, knowledge and the ability to see things through for this county. I humbly suggest that you support him for freeholder. It’s about time we had somebody with Dan’s character and experience on that board.
    Joseph W. Tadrick, MBA, CPP
    (Dan Perez is the Democratic candidate for the one available seat on the Sussex County Board of Freeholders. Herb Yardley is the Republican candidate.)