‘The argument that claims voter identification is racist is contradictory’

| 02 Apr 2021 | 03:42

    Voter identification laws are a civil right protection to ensure that an individual’s sacred vote is protected against voter fraud.

    The argument that claims voter identification is racist is contradictory.

    Let’s note the life circumstances in which adults need photo identification.

    You need identification to:

    Purchase spray paint;

    Open a bank account;

    Cash a check in your name;

    See an R-rated movie, buy alcohol and nicotine products;

    Purchase medications with pseudoephedrine;

    Purchase and receive certain prescriptions;

    Drive a car;

    Take a commercial flight;

    Purchase a firearm;

    Sign out a youth student from school; and e

    Enter a college building.

    Shall we declare that these circumstances are racist as well? Does stating that identification laws are racist insinuate that minorities are too incapable of obtaining ID?

    In my point of view, this belittling implication is incredibly racist. If one declares that voter identification laws affect the poor, there are simple legislative solutions for this.

    With the money that our state and nation spends on many other social services, I believe it is safe to say that every legal citizen can be guaranteed a cost-free ID with legislation.

    New Jerseyeans deserve voter identification laws because our civil liberties depend on them.

    William Cytowicz

    West Milford