The Sparta council must stop with its covert agenda

| 07 Feb 2022 | 09:41

    To the Editor:

    I am hoping that you can print the following in you upcoming paper.

    The township council appears to be single-handedly destroying Sparta. Two specific decisions by the Council are exemplify this.

    The council strategically modified an ordinance to facilitate a warehouse on Demarest Road. The structure proposed is larger than Rockaway Mall with with 181 truck bays .The volume of traffic on Route 15 and Newton Sparta Road will be unsafe and a traffic nightmare.

    The council floated a bond to install a pump station in White Deer Plaza. This pump station would create the opportunity for development currently limited by the current sewage treatment plant such as a hotel which one property owner in the plaza has already expressed interest in building.

    The council must stop with their covert agenda, be transparent and focus on the quality of life in Sparta.

    Rocco Montesano