The Sparta warehouse project: The right place at the right time

| 28 Feb 2022 | 04:57

    To the Editor:

    I am writing this letter in support of the proposed new warehouse to be built near Houses Corner Road off State Route 15. After reading a reading a recent article and talking to friends about this project, I feel compelled to write this letter as the “public” discussion seems to be one-sided. I don’t believe the community as a whole is against economic growth and development. Quite the contrary, they just want it done responsibly, which, in my opinion, this project is. The proposed site is located in a section of the township zoned for industrial operations. This facility is located in the section of town where it should be built and where businesses such as this were intended to be sited so as to limit impacts on the community to those areas best suited to accommodate them. This project is a conforming application, and no variances are needed for its approval.

    With respect to the traffic concerns raised, it seems to me that it will be less intrusive than the current sand and gravel facility as well as the North Village project. Sparta Redi Mix likely has more truck traffic than that anticipated for the new warehouse. Also, there would seem to be minimal impact on Route 15 by the North Village traffic signal since the trucks will be using the Houses Corner Road cut off as they do now. There was a great deal of concern about the significant impacts of the North Village project on traffic there that, to date, have not been realized.

    In the present economy, the increasing reliance on e-commerce resulting from the pandemic has made the demand nationwide for warehouse space more necessary, particularly for our area. This is being seen throughout the country and in New Jersey. The facility will provide a much needed distribution point for our area.

    As to taxes, a subject we are all too familiar with, it appears they will be paying approximately $1 million in property taxes annually. It will not be adding any population to the schools, and it has minimal public service needs compared to a residential project/commercial project such as North Village.

    Lastly, I would be remiss not to mention that the developers of this project are longtime stakeholders in this community. They have not just paid their taxes but have supported many charitable activities and organizations that benefitted the residents of Sparta. They are not developers that are new to the town simply looking to make a quick buck and leave. They are a vested part of Sparta, as evidenced by their decision to build here rather than go elsewhere. This project will only further deepen their roots here which I believe is a good thing — both for them and the community.

    Jim Castimore