‘Third World country’

Sparta /
| 14 Jun 2024 | 08:41

    “Third World country” is a derogatory phrase,

    Outdated and a MAGA political malaise.

    An “alt facts” and “fake news” distortion of reality.

    A “developing nation” is the true allegory,

    Political pundits promote this false proclamation,

    To divide our nation through manipulation.

    A “Third World country” has “low life expectancy,”

    And “economic and political instability.”

    Also “poor infrastructure” and “rampant poverty,”

    With “low economic development” misery.

    No need to demean those less fortunate than us,

    Who need compassion and assistance from the U.S.

    We are a democracy and not a “Third World country”!

    If a Christian nation we should love all humanity.

    George Kibildis