Trump does not triumph

| 26 Dec 2017 | 11:12

    What was the name of that movie years ago, “The Russians are Coming, the Russians are coming”? If present day results demonstrate anything, I have to say the Russians are going, the Russians going, looks like they’re gone!
    This missive is a reassurance that our nation and electoral process are squarely within the control of the American people.
    Trump did not win the popular vote of Americans. A Virginia democrat became governor in a politically pivotal election. A Democrat has been voted in as mayor of Atlanta for the first time in forty years.
    Trump lost two elections in Alabama and suffered the collapse of his political, (demented) guru, Steve Bannon.
    The Russians couldn’t pull it off for Trump, so where is the outside influence we are supposed to fear? It exists only in the minds of people that would abandon their country for partisan views. Happily there are simply not enough voters willing to give up our nation for Trump.
    Alabamans are more enlightened than some folks in the north who are still sadly clinging to Trump?
    I mean really, Come on y’all!
    Mike La Rose