Turkey is thankful for defense

Sparta /
| 12 Jun 2023 | 03:58

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the editor distinguishing turkeys from bald eagles.

    I pointed out that Benjamin Franklin preferred the turkey over the bald eagle because the turkey was a much more respectable bird, a bird of courage and a true original native of America. In addition, it has outstanding vision.

    Since then, a few people have mentioned to me that the letter really was a tribute to the turkey.

    At our house in Cape Cod, we have installed a number of cameras to protect the property. There is one that covers the front door.

    This week, a turkey actually climbed the two stairs to the front door and knocked on it. Since we’re not yet into the Cape Cod season, no one was home.

    The photograph below is part of a short video showing that the turkey climbed the two stairs and actually knocked on the front door. Also on that video, one could hear the turkey making turkey sounds which, if translated into English, would be, “Thanks for defending us.”

    George T. Daggett