What our children and grandchildren might inherit

| 18 Oct 2017 | 12:55

    (The following is in response to a letter of Oct. 2, "Beware 'Antifa', not concocted 'Troika'" www.spartaindependent.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20171002/OPINION03/171009999/-1/OPINION/Beware-'Antifa'-not-concocted-'Troika')
    A while ago I sent a “ping” into the National Apprentice Show referring to an article written over seventy years ago by Franklin Roosevelt’s Vice President, Henry Wallace, who summarized the three ingredients required for the possible rise of Fascism in America: A triumvirate of cartelists, poisoners of public information and those who stand for demagoguery.
    I used the Russian word Troika to label the triumvirate, which was a form of reverse Red-Baiting on my part, and up popped the expected Conservative who dismissed Wallace’s article as being “concocted” and “alarmist” and then went on to disparage the former Vice President as “disillusioned” and having been “whisked off to Russia” to drink the “Coolaid of Communism”. If true it would not have been Kool-Aid, but... Without going into a corrective history lesson, it was a distortion of Wallace’s record as a public servant, which was contrary to the Conservative’s claim to “remain factual, objective” and praising himself as “unabashed.”
    The Conservative, when finished denigrating Wallace went on to recite today’s boring right wing bogymen refrains (not worth repeating) that are deployed as a deflection for white supremacist’s expression of hate. From there he sprung to the conclusion that our constitutional democracy is being ruined by “false narratives” and with that I absolutely agree and why I had cited Fox Noise as an example of a poisoner of public information. I also agree with his warning “Beware [of] Antifa” because violence or threat of violence serves no positive purpose in our national discourse and Antifa’s members, acting as Sturmabteilung detachments, play right into the hands of the bogymen’s concocted narrative as the alleged oppressed.
    In quoting the former Vice President I simply wanted sane people to think about what our children and grandchildren may inherit if we remain detached from certain possibilities simmering in today’s political cauldron. And not be totally distracted by the worst of us, as fascinatingly repugnant as anti-Semites, racists, gun slingers and white supremacists may be, because the worst amongst us may be the more insidious persons who quietly merge state and corporate interests while benefiting from social insecurity and government instability with the false promise of making America great again.
    J. P. Curtis