Why is Russia working so hard to get Trump re-elected?

| 14 Sep 2020 | 06:46

    To the Editor:

    President Trump insists that “No one has been tougher on Russia than me,” which then begs the question: Why is Russia working so hard to get him re-elected?

    The President also insists that if Biden is elected we will have violence in the streets and America will become a crime-ridden anarchy. When Biden was vice president, the crime rate in the U.S. was down 15%, but during Trump’s term in office all crime is on the rise (including more in his administration than in any former president) and the violence in the streets he says will happen under a Biden administration, is happening right now under his watch.

    The “law and order” president is under investigation for felonies in New York. His speeches and writings have been riddled with 20,000 lies. He is currently in the courts trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, which will take millions of American’s health care away at a time when over 6 million people have been afflicted with COVID-19 and more than 180,000 have died (most occurring unnecessarily due to Trump’s horrifying ineptitude in handling the pandemic).

    This self-admitted vagina grabbing president who has paid two women $260,000 to keep their mouths shut about his affairs with them wants to protect our “suburban housewives” from an assault, which will occur if he loses the election. His solution to voter fraud is for his voters to vote for him twice (in the mail and then in person).

    Speaking of the mail, he has tried to dismantle the operation of the Postal Service to prevent delivery of mail-in ballots in order to help him be re-elected. He is attempting to remove payroll taxes which will cripple Social Security. He has made us first in the world in Covid cases and deaths, and we have become the worst country in dealing with the virus.

    If you don’t care at all about your own welfare and well-being, vote for Donald Trump.

    Ronn Sacchiero