Yardley's plan better than Perez's

| 18 Sep 2017 | 04:39

    I am responding to a letter from a former candidate for council in Vernon who is supporting Democrat Dan Perez. This letter-writer touts his Republican credentials but forgets that it was a frivolous lawsuit by Mr. Perez that was used to damage the Republican Party in Vernon and that cleared the way for this candidate's ticket to take over the town. He was not successful but his ticket, backed by a very wealthy special interest, won. It did not turn out too well for Vernon.
    The former candidate's ticket used political consultants (plural) in its pursuit of office in Vernon. So he shouldn't be attacking others who do the same, especially as his candidate, lawyer Perez, makes his living as the mouthpiece of a class of characters much less reputable than your average politician.
    Finally, the writer's assertion that a single, well-paid patronage employee with the title "veterans coordinator" will do as good a job as an unlimited number of well-trained interns is ridiculous. Right now, there are any number of experienced case-workers in various departments that simply need to be consolidated into one place. Republican Herb Yardley has wisely suggested a web portal -- using technology instead of taxpayers' money to address the problem.
    No matter how well paid he is, a single employee simple doesn't have the time to give the personal attention needed to assist veterans through the casework process. Especially when he will be doing public relations work like design, writing, and sending out a newsletter. Vets needs personal attention. An unlimited number of highly trained interns will be able to provide that personal attention. On the matter of available hours a day, Mr. Perez and his letter writer's plan fails. Republican Herb Yardley's plan succeeds.
    Ann Kievit
    Hardyston Township