My vote goes to Pollison

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To the Editor: In a few weeks we will be voting for a new member of the township council. I will be voting for Kevin Pollison and am writing to encourage you to vote for him too. Kevin is my neighbor and I got to know him well when we worked together on the Community Facilities Taskforce. Throughout the entire process I could see how important teamwork is to Kevin. He did the research, asked the questions and took into consideration other’s viewpoints, all while staying focused on the task at hand. I know from many conversations with Kevin that the experience on the CFT reinforced to him the importance of a strong link between the town council and the citizens of Sparta. I know it is important to Kevin and Allison that their children have the same opportunities he had while growing up in this wonderful town. I know, whether it is the location of a recreation field or mandatory garbage collection, Kevin will consider the opinions of all the residents of Sparta, not just a select few. These are all important qualities that I look for in an elected official. Kevin is the one I trust to make the important decisions that will directly impact me, as a taxpayer and neighbor. Vote for Kevin Pollison on Nov. 8! Jennifer Dericks Sparta