Reaction to budget surplus

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:48

    How can budget preparers be surprised by so much excess money found in the Sparta BOE budget? We were told before the vote that the budget amount was what we needed to run the school system. We were also told that cuts had to be made for lack of money. It was a tough year for many families, who had to pay for sports and other activities, and drive students to school. Now we find a lot of surprise funds. Our previous BOE either did a sloppy job, or we need more scrutiny of future budget preparation. We also need an in depth audit of the last budget, and maybe even the new high school construction cost to see if there are other surprises. The transparency we were promised is as clear as mud, let’s un-muddy this water, and get back on track to honest and open activities of the BOE. The whole BOE and school superintendent owe this town more than surprises and poor job performance outcomes. Gary Trageser Sparta