Reject junk science on fracking

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:46

    To the Editor: Now that the American public has rejected the fallacy of global warming, the environmental socialists have latched on to the fracking process involved in drilling for natural gas. Fracking is a process that forces a mixture of water, sand and chemicals under pressure to crack layers of shale and allow the natural gas to pool. The United States, is blessed with the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Tapping this asset will lead to thousands of jobs and energy self-sufficiency. Susan Williams would delight in crippling our economy with her recent mistruths in the June 16 issue of The Sparta Independent. Her campaign started with the showing of the film “Gasland,” a documentary following the experiences of writer-director Josh Fox and his family and the natural gas company that wanted to drill on their land. Just as Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” the movie is full of mistruths and fallacies. Please feel free to look at the website to see for yourself! It is time for the total rejection of the junk science and implied socialism of the extreme environmental zealots. They tried to scare us about pesticides in the 60’s with the book Silent Spring, with global cooling in the '70s and followed with obsessive lawsuits against the proper management of our forests that results in the massive wildfires we face each year. The biggest hypocrisy, is Williams’ own use of energy and her NIMBY attitude. We need to investigate all sources of viable energy available to us. I am a life member of the National Wildlife Federation, and taught environmental science at the college level. Susan is entitled to the facts, but not her own facts! We need to realize the difference between the wise use of our natural resources and the wild claims of Susan Williams and her fellow preservationists. Thomas P. Murray Sparta