Rod of Iron Ministries is not a gun cult

| 05 Oct 2020 | 09:57

    This letter is in response to Alex Paraskos’ screed against my church titled, “Rod of Iron Freedom Festival is the work of a gun-worshipping cult.”

    I have been a member of what Paraskos defames as a “cult” for the last 47 years and I have never worshipped a gun in my life and neither has any of the thousands of members that I know personally. Paraskos would know the truth if he took a little time to do some research instead of just hating. We post on the YouTube “Rod of Iron Kingdom” channel every day. You can watch every Sunday Service and a daily interview and news program. Truth is easy to find, sir.

    Even if we did worship guns, which we don’t, the last time I checked, the First Amendment to the Constitution proclaims I have the right to worship my toenails if I want to.

    We do not carry “AK-47’s to church.” We prefer AR-15’s, showing further that you have large areas of illiteracy to overcome.

    I can easily imagine Mr. Paraskos in the crowd shouting “Crucify him” at our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    If Paraskos took a little time to read the ad for the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival he would recognize that nationally known speakers will be in Pike County to stand up for freedom, which Paraskos seems to oppose. The Vietnam War Memorial War will be on display. Speakers include former Ambassador Alan Keyes, best-selling author Paul Williams, YouTuber Manspot, Craig Sawyer pedophile hunter, and many others. There will be a gigantic fireworks display. Go to and check it out. What’s not to love?

    James Stephens

    Milford, Pa.