Sparta deserves better than Kevin Pollison

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    To The Editor: On Oct. 5, Kevin Pollison wrote a letter to the Sparta Independent to advertise his candidacy for Sparta township council. Mr. Pollison claims he’s not a one-issue candidate. While that could be argued, it is important to consider his various positions on the Sparta schools situation. He is: FOR the “ultimate solution” of a new high school and two new elementary schools; FOR a new high school at a cost of $53M, then $85M, then $109M; FOR condemning property which has been in a Sparta family for generations (only to learn after-the-fact that the property was unbuildable); FOR a takeover of Open Space land, both White Lake and Station Park, without considering alternatives. The enrollment problem in Sparta needs to be addressed with a cost-effective, practical solution. But far from contributing to that end, Mr. Pollison’s rash statements without full consideration of the facts, have only added to the confusion and dissent. Sparta government deserves better. Sharon Gottlieb Sparta