Super Committee forgot its cape

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:27

    Congress set-up a bi-partisan committee to cut 1.5 trillion dollars from your government budget, for the record they agreed on ZERO! Congress is required by law and by the citizens of the USA to create a approbations bill each year, they haven’t done so, in over 10 years. President Obama is currently out of the country, so his leadership on the Super committee is severely lacking, as is his tabling of trans-Canadian gas pipeline to after the elections. Of course this pipeline would lower prices and create jobs, wonderful leadership. The number one priority for these elected officials is to raise funds for reelection. I have no idea what OWS (Occupy Wall Street) stands for, but at least they are exercising their Constitutional right to protest. Our past Governor Jon Corzine has run MF Global into chapter 11, there is only $1.2 billion in customer funds missing. Mr. Corzine has yet to be interviewed about these missing funds, from a primary dealer. If this happened to anyone reading this editorial, you would be in jail. When our founding fathers all signed the Declaration of Independence the King of England declared them all traitors. They all signed knowing the significance of their actions, and they were committed to the success of the American dream. Today, we have none, not one American in Congress that comes close to that leadership standard. We also have very few citizens that meet that standard either...wake up ...get a voice... demand better for our America. Bob Morris Sparta