Superintendent is disdainful

| 15 Feb 2012 | 10:33

    I am pleased to see that the Sparta BOE has taken a step in the direction of transparency by video taping the BOE meetings. Prior to the video taping, we had to rely only on written re-caps and their corresponding biases. The taping of meetings allows taxpayers to witness, first hand, the form, tone and substance of each meeting. To view the video yourself, go to Web site to Use search words video and Sparta BOE. While reviewing the two tapes of Monday evening’s meeting, I was appalled at the disdain accorded the public during the public participation portion of the meeting. That Dr Morton would distinguish taxpayers in attendance by their demographic was childish. It doesn’t matter whether the public speaker currently has children in the school system. He/She is a taxpayer and as such deserves information, not innuendo. Yes, his statement was a matter-of-fact as he so defended his comment. He might have also distinguished the gender, race or income of those in attendance; it would have been equally factual and equally irrelevant. Dr. Morton, just do the job you are being [well] paid to do. Your side-bar comments are of no interest to most of us; especially when you can not provide answers to the relevant questions put to you. Your opinion is meaningless in the absence of substance. Performance is measurable and this BOE is not measuring up. One would hope that the BOE would draw from the experience of some of those commenting Monday night. A few of them have substantially more education and/or board experience than most of your current board members. The relationship need not be hostile. They are asking for BOE accountability and fiscal responsibility. As taxpayers, they deserve that. We deserve that. Peter Locher Sparta