Thanks for the chuckle

| 02 Dec 2022 | 01:30

    I so enjoyed Tim Sullivan’s letter regarding the bear hunt. I agree, bear and other wildlife are not “trespassing” upon our territory, and I appreciate your move to Sussex County to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Ogdensburg. I will assume that you do not behave like the other invasive creatures – humans, that you do not cut the grass with a noisy mower spewing fumes. You have let your yard go wild, planting only native flowers, trees and shrubs, of course and that you do not feed the wild life because “a fed animal is a dead animal.” Hopefully your home does not take up space on the land including some source of septic, well or public utility. You float merrily in a bubble hovering over the earth leaving no footprint what so ever. I agree with you because I too moved here for the peace, quiet and affordability - in 1977, and I’m always impressed by the people who have invaded this space since that time. Thanks for the chuckle.

    Robin Cutillo