The reasons why I'm voting for Pollison

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:00

    To the Editor: On Nov. 8, Sparta will go to the polls to choose a new member of the Sparta town council. I will be voting for Kevin Pollison and I want to tell you why. I joined the Pollison for town council campaign in late August as director of publicity. I am a cynical journalist by profession, and like many people, I had lost faith in politicians to represent my hopes and dreams for the future. Kevin Pollison, however, stands out as the rare private citizen whose passion for change has drawn him to public service. His sincerity, openness and strength of character shine through in his countless hours as a community volunteer, and in his determination to invite the people of Sparta to engage the town council in debate as it makes major decisions that affect us all. Kevin’s drive to find solutions for Sparta is real and unwavering. He writes all his own publicity materials, which speak from the heart. His campaign is completely devoid of spin (I should know). His tagline, “Responsive Government,” means your opinion matters, and he wants to hear it. I invite you to visit to learn more, and please use the email link to let him know what you think. Find Kevin Pollison’s name on Line 1 of your ballot, Nov. 8. Patty Buchanan Sparta