The U.S. needs a single payer health care system

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:51

    Before explaining the reasons why we need single payer I want to put to rest the socialist rants of some. A single payer universal health care system is a health care payment system. Providers would receive fees for services and would not be government employees. The notion that this is socialist is the same as calling public funding for education socialist education. Now more than ever we need a single payer plan. With so many unemployed or underemployed the number of uninsured has risen to over 50 million or one in six. A single payer plan would cut down on bureaucratic costs and eliminate investor profits releasing more money for patient care. Private insurance overhead is up to 600 percent above that of a public plan because these companies are profit based and beholding to their stockholders. If we have a universal health care plan the Medicare and Medicaid pools which are now high risk would include those at a much lower risk allowing for even more savings and better care. The CBO estimates a savings of between one and two billion dollars a year with a universal plan covering all and increasing benefits. The US must not continue it’s inefficient , autocratic and at times immoral health care system. A universal single payer system is a much more efficient and equitable way to deliver care. Kathy Brennan-Hughes Newton