Why America can't win a war

| 15 Feb 2012 | 08:44

    Between December 1941 and August 1945 America and our allies defeated Italy, Germany and Japan, all at the same time. In the 1960s, America killed about 1½ million North Vietnamese soldiers, but still lost the war. Since October 2001 we have been fighting terrorists with high-tech wonder weapons as well as conventional weapons, while they fight us with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, improvised explosive devices and mortars. They don’t have tanks, ships or planes, yet they continue to fight. The problem is, we think if we kill enough terrorists, they will get tired and give up. This is not true. As long as they have the will to fight, and can re-supply, they will continue to fight. The way to win a war is to deny the enemy three things; ammunition, food and fuel. If these supplies are cut off, then the enemy can’t fight even if he still wants to. So, why don’t we cut off the terrorists’ supplies? Because they live among non-combatants, and we don’t want the people to suffer along with the terrorists. We are trying to win their hearts and minds. If we make the people suffer, they will hate us more than they already do for being infidels and supporters of Israel. So, if we are unwilling to cut off the terrorists’ supplies, and we don’t want to annihilate the whole region, what should we do? Our military should continue to fight the War on Terror from home. We can spy on them, then raid their bases with drones or Special Forces. Nation-building in the Middle East is folly. Our military should also protect all our borders. Wouldn’t it be great to bring about an Islamic Reformation? Since that hasn’t happened in 1300 years, it probably won’t happen now. The good thing about having our troops over there is that any terrorist who wants to kill Americans can go to Iraq or Afghanistan. We citizens are safer over here because our troops are over there. But I am tired of watching our troops go on long, multiple deployments, being wounded and killed. If we bring them home can we expect to suffer a few terrorist attacks here? Yes, and I am willing to take that chance. Sad to say, but terrorist attacks in the USA will promote unity and co-operation (sic) among us. Our military members and their families have been sacrificing for us. It is time to give them a break, and allow us civilians to sacrifice just a little. America is so messed up we need to help ourselves rather than help people around the world. Bring the troops home, but continue fighting the War on Terror defensively from here. This holy war began about 700 AD, and it won’t end until the world ends. Dave Salmon Sparta