5 Reasons Why You Need to See Dr. Dash

Sussex County’s top vein doctor brings 45 years of experience to the table

| 29 Jan 2020 | 03:23

Dr. Sarat Dash’s Vein and Laser Center of New Jersey brings an unmatched level of expertise to the local scene.

The dedication to patient care is superb and the reviews are all glowing.

Patricia, a patient from Sussex, said: “The procedures performed have given me back years of active life.”

"Dr. Dash took his time to explain what my ailment is, and showed a genuine interest in not only what symptoms I was having, but as a person and recommended some lifestyle changes,” said Joe, another former patient. “Very sincere in his approach to my problems. His staff is terrific.”

Dr. Dash has repeatedly been recognized as a Top Doctor in our area, most recently in 2019 due to his commitment to excellence in vascular surgery by NJ Top Docs. Here are ten reasons why you—or a loved one—should make an appointment with Sussex County’s top vein doctor today:

1. Dr. Dash has the experience and expertise that others don’t

Dash’s vascular practice was the first to arrive in Sussex County in 1976. He’s been practicing for 45 years, specializing specifically in vascular care, and is board certified in phlebology, the study of veins.

While many doctors can get access to the machines and equipment needed to treat vein diseases, very few do so exclusively, as Dash has for decades. Dedication to his specialty, combined with 45 years of experience, brings patients an elevated level of care they can’t get anywhere else.

2. Vein health is more than a cosmetic issue

Varicose veins often progress into serious medical issues.

“30 million people in the United States are affected by varicose veins every year,” says Dr. Dash. “1 million suffer from DVT—deep venous thrombosis.”

DVT occurs when a blood clot develops in the deeper veins of the legs. This is where things start to get particularly dangerous.

“Close to 100,000 people die every year from blood clots. 50% of this population is female with varicose veins,” explains Dash. “There is a statistic that 274 people die every day from blood clots. This is a national health issue.”

3. Warning Signs

If there is one message Dash hopes to get across—it’s that varicose veins are progressive and should not be ignored. Physical warning signs associated with varicose veins include aches and pains, swelling, and vein inflammation.

Risk factors for blood clots include: obesity, older age group, cancer, chronic use of hormones, infection, and pregnancy.

The typical vein center patient is a middle aged women with a history of varicose veins and blood clots in her family. Men are affected almost as much—but according to Dash’s team, they often don’t show up for treatment until the disease has progressed.

4. The Vein & Laser Center of New Jersey is one of the few facilities in NJ accredited by the IAC

Dr. Dash’s vein practice is the only one in Northern NJ with this special accreditation, which serves as a stamp of approval in the medical community, certifying a level of high-quality care. Dash’s practice is accredited in vascular testing and as a vein center.

5. Free screenings & Special Discounts

Because of his dedication to preventing and treating the serious health complications that result from vein disease, Dr. Dash offers free vein screenings in his office. He doesn’t take down your medical insurance for screenings—just your name and contact information.

For cosmetic procedures, such as eliminating spider veins, Dr. Dash is currently offering a special 10% off discount on patients’ first cosmetic procedure in a series that follows.