Lake Mohawk Garden club goes to Hudson Farms

Sparta. Members of the Lake Mohawk Garden Club received a tour of Hudson Farms’ hydroponics greenhouse.

Sparta /
| 08 Nov 2022 | 01:56

A trip to Hudson Farms in Byram provided the Garden Club with a wonderful excursion.

The very knowledgeable and hospitable staff gave the group a tour of their hydroponics greenhouse while explaining how a subset of horticulture can grow without soil by using water-based mineral nutrient solutions.

The herbs and vegetables grown provide Hudson Farms with fresh products year round. Another greenhouse cultivates flowering foliage. The tour offered an education learning the different kinds of trees and flora gracing the picturesque landscape.

The Garden Club with the assistance of Holly and Jill, the Golf Club’s horticulturalists, are working on ideas for an herb garden for the Golf Club’s kitchen and green projects for the landscape. Many thanks were extended to Garden Club Leader Esther Kashkin for arranging such a special outing.