Our Savior Nursery School holds ‘Scoops To Go’ event

The kids enjoyed scooping out ice cream, and sampling some as well.

| 07 Jun 2022 | 03:21

The children of Mrs. Van Dyke’s preschool class at Our Savior Nursery School in Stanhope put on their uniforms and went to work at “Scoops To Go” for the day. “Scoops To Go” was a pop up ice cream shop at the nursery school.

“Our Savior Nursery School believes that children truly learn through play, and ‘Scoops To Go’ is the epitome of learning through play,” the school said in an announcement. “Following directions, socialization, encouraging confidence, along with building their cognitive skills is just some of the great things the children learned with their experience at ‘Scoops To Go.’”

The ice cream for this community event was donated by the world-famous Cliff’s in Ledgewood. Customer included friends, student family members, alumni, the Stanhope Police Department, EMTs, Stanhope Mayor Patricia Zdichocki and town council members.

“One important lesson the kids learned about was ‘service with a smile,’ but it turned out to be more of ‘service with a chocolate-rimmed smile,’ and that was fine by everyone!”