Warehouse not the only project being covertly driven by Quinn and Hertzberg

Sparta /
| 15 Apr 2022 | 04:54

    For those of us who live and do business adjacent to the old Carl’s Auto (5 West Shore Trail) the township is putting home values, quality of life and businesses at risk. Like the warehouse project this is being orchestrated by two council members (Hertzberg and Quinn) personal friends of the property owner.

    The township leased 5 West Shore almost three years ago without a formal competitive bid process. The excuse at that time was that the property would be used for public parking however the property is still posted “No Trespassing” threatening that vehicles will be impounded.

    The township has refused to make the terms of the lease public yet it is approximately $50,000 in annual rent and additional costs for maintenance and utilities. Since lease started, we the tax payers have shelled out almost $200,000 to the property owner.

    The rental of this property is unwarranted since we have multiple public buildings and properties for public events (Town Hall, Parks etc). Public records clearly demonstrate motions supporting this project by Quinn and Hertzberg

    Soon, after the lease was signed in 2019 the township floated a #1 million bond to install a new sewer system adjacent to 5 West Shore. This upgrade will ironically accommodate the owner’s goal of a boutique hotel on this property.

    The traffic beacons periodically placed at Indian Trail as well as by Reverend Brown Church serve a covert purpose. They are electronically measuring traffic volume. Why you ask? Because the current volume traveling through the plaza is too high for the construction of a hotel. Lowering traffic volume will allow for development. The club and township will soon argue for a gates based on this volume and that will allow for development at #5 West Shore.

    Township officials and the Lake Mohawk Board are not being transparent and are not looking out for our best interests. Decisions that a few are making are negatively impacting our neighborhood and jeopardizing businesses.

    Make noise.

    Demand that the lease for 5 West Shore be publicly published with terms, duration and costs.

    Demand that the town provide an explanation as to why no bid process existed and why 5 West Shore is superior to current township owned facilities and other vacant retail properties.

    Demand that the town put on the record whether the new sewer project will accommodate a hotel at 5 West Shore and if so why the township floated the bond.

    Demand that the club put a statement on the record as to whether gates to lower volume are being considered and will such gates support development of the hotel.

    DO NOT let the good-ol’ boys make decisions that WE will be forced to live with.

    Ralph Volpe